If you represent an organization interested in joining the Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equity or would like to recommend an organization for membership...

Membership Agreement

Last Updated: October 15, 2020


The Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equity, or SOEquity, offers a Membership Organization program to support local entities in their journey to antiracism and effecting change in their communities and networks. Member Organizations are established groups, organizations or businesses who wish to have an ongoing relationship with SOEquity as it relates to enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion within the entity and make a public commitment to antiracism.


The Commitment

As a Member Organization, you are committing to doing the following:


  • Share and uphold our Stated Values

  • Encourage your immediate community and networks to uphold our Stated Values

  • Develop a Commitment to Antiracism and a plan to uphold the commitment

  • Make an annual contribution to SOEquity (see policy below)

Annual Contribution Policy

We are committed to making our Member Organization program as equitable as possible. As such, we evaluate the annual contribution on a case-by-case basis. Typically, we expect our Member Organizations to contribute an annual fee equal to .5% of their total annual operating budget. If the group or organization is entirely volunteer-run, is majority BIPoC-led, or has an annual operating budget of less than $200,000, we will consider alternatives to a financial contribution.


Alternatives to financial contribution include but are not limited to:

  • Offering discounts on services or products to SOEquity General Members

  • Providing a free education opportunity to SOEquity General Members

  • Providing in-kind donations

  • Providing volunteers for SOEquity events


This annual contribution can be broken down into monthly or quarterly installments as well.

The Process

Upon approval of membership, SOEquity will create a survey for employees/members of the Member Organization to evaluate the current climate and knowledge base of the Member Organization as it relates to antiracism.


Based on the results of this survey, SOEquity will develop a 2 hour facilitated workshop for all employees/members of the Member Organization.


After this initial workshop, the Member Organization will work internally to develop a Commitment to Antiracism. SOEquity will review the document and help develop an accountability timeline, which includes quarterly check ins.


After the Commitment to Antiracism has been finalized and publicized, SOEquity will schedule three 1-hour-long facilitated check-ins with the Member Organization at 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months to ensure that genuine progress is being made within the Organization.


After a year, the renewal process will consist of a new survey for employees/members to reflect on how well the Member Organization did in upholding their Commitment to Antiracism, reevaluating the document, and continuing to hold quarterly facilitated check-ins.


Other Benefits

As a Member Organization, you receive the following benefits:

  • Access to General Members Online Forum to post about upcoming events and needs

  • General Membership for 2 employees/members to serve as Organization Liaison

  • Discounts for employees/members to SOEquity Ticketed Events

  • Permission to have relevant events or information posted on SOEquity social media

  • Access to SOEquity volunteers for events and projects

  • Logistical support for events and projects

  • Listed on Member Organization Directory

  • Option for Unique page on SOEquity website