At its core, Hawthorne Mutual Aid is people taking care of people.

It started with a small group of Southern Oregon community members responding to the needs of their houseless neighbors for food and essential supplies.


A group of folks would barbecue at Hawthorne Park and offer meals for free, no questions asked.


Over time, the project has become a fixture at Hawthorne Park and has grown to provide meals every day thanks to donations from the community members and partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

SOEquity is proud to sponsor the Hawthorne Mutual Aid project by providing volunteer coordination and collecting donations on behalf of the Hawthorne organizers. 


Unfortunately, not everyone in our community is compassionate towards our most vulnerable neighbors. The City of Medford is considering closing down the Bear Creek Greenway for a "clean up effort". Our local unhoused community knows what this means--raids, disbursement, seizure of property.

We see this as an opportunistic attempt to terrorize a vulnerable population (note the mention of a "multitude of support services"--an impossible thing for the city to provide as it does not exist). If the City is planning to close down the greenway to clear ash and debris, it must be done in a way that preserves the safety and dignity of the unhoused community that calls this area home.


Please, use your voice to hold them accountable for the inhumane treatment of our friends and neighbors.
You can do so in the following ways:

Looking forward, we hope to make this project as sustainable and accessible as possible by making our services mobile!

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