Membership Meetings
Tuesday of each month @7:pm via Zoom


Last Updated: October 1, 2020


The Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equity, or SOEquity, offers a General Membership program to ensure that our organization’s community efforts and values are held accountable and are as accessible to the general public as possible. General Members are individuals who wish to have an established relationship with SOEquity outside of a Member Organization liaison or Leadership position. They are authorized to represent SOEquity in an official capacity at the behest of the Leadership Team.


The Commitment

As a General Member, you are committing to the following:


  • Share and uphold our Stated Values

  • Encourage your immediate community and networks to uphold our Stated Values

  • Make a monthly contribution to SOEquity (see policy below)


Monthly Contribution Policy

We have valued our monthly services for members at $160. In lieu of a traditional membership fee and in the spirit of our commitment to equity, we are offering multiple options for our General Members to meet the monthly contribution requirement:

  • A financial payment of $160

  • Donating 8 hours of volunteer time (valued at $20 per hour)

  • Providing in-kind services or donations
    (determining a value for this type of contribution is at the discretion of the Leadership Team)

  • Any combination of the above (e.g. $20 financial payment and 7 hours of volunteer time)


Accountability for this contribution will be evaluated on a quarterly basis, meaning members can “roll over” payment or volunteer hours in a three month period as long as the contribution averages to the monthly expectation.


Upon completing the General Membership Application, a member of the SOEquity Leadership Team will reach out to you to discuss your individual contribution and whether a more accessible option needs to be developed.


The Benefits

As a General Member, you receive the following benefits:

  • Access to General Members Online Forum

  • Access to SOEquity Networking & Community Building Events

  • Early Registration to SOEquity Trainings & Ticketed Events

  • One Free SOEquity Merch Item per month

  • Discounts to other SOEquity events and merch

  • Discounts through Partner Organizations and Businesses

  • Permission to have relevant events or information posted on SOEquity social media