Hostile Game Over

The internet remains undefeated as the memes have documented the new Wolf on Wall Street aka GameStop. Reddit users have taken the Revolution from the forum to the fiscal platform of the stock market in just a few months! Thanks to r/WallStreetBets the GameStop stock increased to more than 822% and millennial nostalgia stocks such as BlackBerry and AMC have also made a dramatic comeback. Pay attention Pacific Northwest proletariats because we could bring the bourgeoisie to their knees with a similar Attack on Titan strategy starting with some of the biggest publicly traded companies in Oregon! Nike, Lithia Motors, and Schnitzer Steel Industries are just some of the big names that influence the climate here in the Rogue Valley and I’m concerned with the lack of support towards anti-racism. We know that the local big wigs aren’t going to make such a “political” argument without some costly coercion so what can the average Oregonian do?

The GameStop Gambit on seasoned Wall Street investors has shown us that collectively as a community we can be an unstoppable force and emphasize that it’s people over profit. I encourage every concerned citizen to take a good look at the SOREDI action plan and reflect on where our voices can hold the most impact. At first glance, the Rogue Valley is a fertile landscape with plenty of homegrown revenue but at what cost? There are plenty of underpaid, overworked, and overlooked seasonal workers that have some horror stories that every union representative should hear but why don’t they? Well first let’s call these hard-working citizens what they actually are - exploited workers. If English isn’t your first language, some of your family members are considered “undocumented”, or if you don’t understand the legal jargon on a predatory labor contract then congrats: you are subject to exploitation. If you’ve worked as an independent contractor on the farm or on a construction site then SOEQUITY wants to hear from you! We have some big plans brewing for March Madness and we can’t do it without you the citizens to hold these predatory employers accountable.

We shouldn’t stop at just shifty contracts for seasonal workers, we need to go for the entire exploitation entree with the underpaid work for our fellow incarcerated Americans. It’s not equitable unless we include their lived experience in the quest for change. I love shopping locally to support the community that I live in; and I can’t think of a better way to continue that support, than with the untapped talent of recently released outcasts whose work experience reflects their time inside. I realize the attitudes of some of our more well-to-do members of the community hinder this concept, but that’s part of why change is needed. If the rest of you have been religiously watching the actions of our “Centrist-in-Chief”, then you’re probably aware by now that he has terminated private prison contracts and, like me, are completely underwhelmed by it. According to law professor John Pfaff, “This is not about shrinking the footprint of the federal prison system, it’s just about transferring people to public facilities…” Exploitation in all forms within the borders of these United States is in fact a bipartisan effort and it’s counterproductive to believe otherwise. While I’m ecstatic that our congressional meetings no longer resemble the cast reunion episode to Love & Hip-Hop, the oppressive foundation of America is still very much intact.

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