Toxic Complicit Caucus

I think America is coming down with a strange case of deja vu because President Donald J. Trump has been impeached for the second time as his term in office comes to a close! Under the blue line banner of law and order, domestic terrorists stormed the capitol and killed an officer in the process so, where’s the outrage from the Grand Old Party? The complicit actions from Republicans voting "No" on impeachment, to the officers that took selfies with terrorists, has shown how little democracy and the constitution matter to those with power. Southern Oregon hear me out, the inside job that occurred on the other side of the Mississippi should alarm you because of the white supremacy in our own backyards!

Let’s start with the man of principle himself Cliff Bentz, the only Oregon representative to vote against impeachment under the 25th amendment. Bentz believes that the right thing to do is difficult sometimes, as he voted against the Pennsylvania results of the electoral college. He presumed that the state of Pennsylvania violated the constitution and he wasn’t in favor of that. Barely after getting sworn in, the domestic terrorist attack occurred on our Nation’s capitol and Cliff Bentz stated that, “our focus should be on unifying our nation, ensuring a peaceful transition to the Biden Administration, and working on more pressing issues…” It seems that this Oregon representative is unable to determine what a violation of the constitution is and apparently is unable to multitask resolving systemic issues in this country. Oregon is a blue state but trust me the true colors are purple. The rural and sleepy towns that sum up the majority of this state are tired of being overlooked by “Portland democrats”. Why else would such an incorrigible pro-life republican be elected to represent the largest district in the state?

Congressman Peter DeFazio who represents the state’s 4th district voted to impeach the president but let’s look at one particular county that I still have conflicting thoughts about visiting - Coos County. The scenery is beautiful but the racism makes me want to leave a bad yelp review. I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful activists for the Alonzo Tucker Project and the turnout was incredible. Community members came together with tri-fold display boards, textbooks, and of course snacks because revolutions burn up calories! However, it wasn’t all festive music and granola bars because, in the seasonless recesses of Coos Bay there lurks a “western chauvinist” named Rob Taylor and his constituents. As the product of toxic masculinity and poorly funded public education - this fragile creature frequently associates the Black Lives Matter Movement with Marxism and Socialism as if those terms are interchangeable! He believes in “anti-racial guilt”, “anti-political correctness”, pro 1950s housewife, and obviously anti-fashion sense! Seriously, the last time I was in Coos Bay, this man was wearing the tackiest American flag violation complete with wrap-around sunglasses! He has a popular following among those committed to white supremacy, especially law enforcement. Speaking of law enforcement, Medford Police Chief Scott Clauson is a proud supporter of our twice impeached bunker baby, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU; so what does that say about the core values of Oregon? To all my ladies and femmes, if the man has any of the aforementioned on his social media likes section - run and run fast! In my opinion, democracy isn’t exactly at the top of the list of priorities for the public servants or some of our neighbors for that matter and the white supremacy shows.

The Oregon Department of Education made a bold Black Lives Matter statement but because of the recent history of the public schools in the area, it doesn’t inspire much hope for me personally. I graduated from South Medford High School in 2013 and just 3 years later a teacher was asked to remove the BLM poster from his classroom. The fact that it took the magnitude of a liberation movement to get the ODE to deem the confederacy a hate symbol and a peeved parent to have a BLM poster removed should tell you everything you need to know about the Pacific Northwest. It doesn’t surprise me as a Black woman in a sea of white complicity; I’m mostly hurt at the fact that it took more Black people to die for the progress Oregon has made so far. So I guess the true color of Oregon isn't purple but truly the color of the blue line that symbolizes the hatred of otherness in this police state.

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