If you have experienced an incident of bias, harassment or intimidation, you can report it online below.
Or call
541-819-0560 to leave a voicemail and request a call back.
A volunteer trained by SOEquity will respond to you as quickly as possible.

What is the Southern Oregon Bias Reporting System?


The Southern Oregon Bias Reporting System is a newly-launched community project. The goal of this system is to provide a place that is independent of local governments and police departments where individuals can report incidents of bias, harassment, intimidation happening in Jackson and Josephine Counties. As we collect these reports, we have two key goals:

  1. Support individuals who have been the target of a bias incident by providing connection to any needed services or resources and assistance in filling out any other reports (police report, national HateWatch report, etc).

  2. Track reports on a regional level to identify any trends or increases in bias incidences and develop community responses and calls to action.

Who is collecting this information?


This project was developed by local community members and organizations and led by SOEquity and the Rogue Action Center. As we strengthen this project, we hope to increase our partnerships and continue to get community feedback, especially from individuals from marginalized backgrounds and who may be more likely to experience a bias incident. If you are interested in joining this effort, please contact Kayla Wade at

How can I report an incident that happened to me?

Currently, there are two ways to make a report. You can report an incident directly via our online form, or you can call 541-819-5960 to leave a voicemail and request a call back from one of our volunteers to take down the information.

We are working hard to provide paper copies at various community buildings and to recruit enough volunteers to staff our phone line and hope to have these options available very soon.

Can I report an incident that happened in the past/was not recent?

Yes, you are welcome to submit info about bias incidents that happened at any point in time. If you request a follow-up, the available resources may be different than if you were reporting a recent incident. Even if you don't need a follow-up or any support, submitting your experience can help us identify trends in where and how people are experiencing bias and discrimination in our region.

Can I report an incident that happened to somebody else?

If you witnessed an incident but were not directly involved, you can still make a report. However, we will not be able to take any direct action without the express permission of the involved party.

If you are assisting someone who did experience a bias incident, you can indicate that you are doing so on our online form.

What happens after I make a report?

If you requested a follow up, one of our volunteers will reach out shortly after to go over resources available to you and available options for taking additional action, if you would like to do that. Requesting a follow up does not mean you have to use any of these resources. We will not take any additional actions on your behalf without your express permission.