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Every student deserves to learn without being harmed

The classroom must be a place that allows all students to learn and thrive regardless of race. Unfortunately, this is not the case in our Southern Oregon schools. SOEquity acknowledges that we have incredible leaders in our education system working to provide historically accurate lessons and create an environment where all students can learn to their best ability.


Most recently, the Medford School District Board meeting featured testimony and community comments that advocated for the permission of hate symbols under the guise of free speech. Join us ahead of their next meeting to make it clear that it is unacceptable to subject our students to hate speech of any kind.

We are calling on our community to support policies and resolutions that ensure students of color can participate in learning free of symbols of hate and oppression that directly and detrimentally affect their wellbeing. This includes:


The Oregon Department of Education has developed an initiative that, in part, prohibits symbols of hate in Oregon K-12 public schools. The three major symbols of hate have been identified as swastika, noose, the Confederate Flag.

We encourage our community to message their school boards in support of this policy and encourage them to expand this policy to hate symbols beyond these key three. Form email and school board contact info below.

We will gather in front of the Medford School District Office on Thursday, December 17 at 4:30 pm (ahead of the Medford School Board meeting) to voice the importance of supporting and implementing this policy.

Read more about this event here.


On October 15, 2020, the Oregon Department of Education affirmed that Black Lives Matter and passed a resolution committing to the support and empowerment of Black students throughout our state.

SOEquity has contacted every district in Jackson and Josephine Counties to confirm that our local districts uphold this message as well. We encourage our community to contact their school boards and encourage them to draft and pass a resolution committing to developing antiracist practices and actions founded in restorative justice. 


SOEquity has developed a sample resolution that represents the values essential to creating an antiracist learning environment for our local schools. We appreciate the school districts who have already passed or are currently reviewing a resolution and intend to hold all districts accountable in creating tangible goals to uphold these commitments.

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