SOEquity has partnered with Anima Mundi Productions to bring marginalized voices to the Six Feet Apart project, which is chronicling stories of Oregonians living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are interested in sharing your story and come from a marginalized background, especially BIPoC, SOEquity can provide a small stipend for your time. Please contact Kayla Wade,, for more information.

How has the pandemic impacted your life, your family, your work, your relationships, your wellbeing during these past months?


We are Anima Mundi Productions, an arts non-profit based in Phoenix, Oregon, and we're partnering with a choir in Portland called Resonance Ensemble that shares our mission to address urgent social problems through music. Together, we're creating a piece called Six Feet Apart: Stories of Resilience and Transformation, a new choral oratorio that harnesses the power of music, poetry, and art to amplify diverse voices and foster collective healing in Oregon during the COVID-19 pandemic.


You can share your story with us as a written submission, a phone interview, or a photo, video, or piece of art or poetry.


Stories can be in English or Spanish.


No story is too big or small.


There's no minimum length or required topic, so long as it pertains to your life since the pandemic arrived in March.

These can include your experiences during and since the fire.


We're particularly looking to hear from those who feel that their story has been overlooked and underrepresented in the public conversation. What is it that's happening in your community that you want the rest of Oregon to know about?


All of the stories we collect will be shared online at, and some of them will be turned into poetry and music which will be shared online as part of a multimedia video next summer. You can share your story anonymously without giving your name and we will protect your privacy.